Natural Remedies On The Rise

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Natural Remedies On The Rise

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) February 3, 2006

In this town close to the famed NIH (National Institutes of Health), where all research for traditional medications and clinical trials for new medications begins, the tide is beginning to turn in favor of natural and herbal remedies.

Disclosures have made in the past year of dangerous side effects of medications previously thought to be safe, such as Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra (pain medications), Accutane (acne medication), Prempro (Hormone Replacement Therapy – for menopause symptoms) and now Ortho-Evra (birth control patch). The Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, publishes information on recalled prescription medications or new medication warnings on their website. These revelations have led to increased consumer awareness about the safety of traditional prescription medications and less willingness by the public to take them. As a result, 5 out of 10 Americans are seeking out natural remedies to cure or manage their illnesses.

When Christine Ellstein started taking HRT, she felt immediate relief from her debilitating symptoms. “I had hot flashes like you wouldn’t believe,” she said. “I was irritable all the time – you can’t imagine how miserable I felt. And this was every day.” She recalls finding out from her doctor that, because of the medical risks of HRT, she should stop taking the drug. “I was absolutely devastated,” she says. “I couldn’t imagine going a whole day with those kinds of symptoms, let alone a week or month.” That’s when she began doing research on herbal remedies. She settled on a natural remedy containing a soy product that she found at, and hasn’t looked back since. “I was so skeptical at first,” she says, “but the product really worked. I wouldn’t go back to prescription medication for anything.”

Christine’s is but one of thousands of people that have tried natural remedies with good results. Some people take herbal remedies not because of a medication warning, but because they say they just don’t trust that anyone knows what the long term effects of prescription medications will be.

If you are considering taking an herbal remedy for a medical condition:

1. Do your homework. Look for statistics and testimonials about the natural remedy on the Internet or in the Library. Ask your friends or someone you trust for their opinion.

2. Consult your doctor. Let him or her know your concerns about traditional medications and that you are considering an herbal remedy. Be aware that some doctors will not support you and be prepared to seek a second opinion if need be.

3. Once you decide on a natural remedy, pay attention to your body. If you don’t feel well when you take one, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Other helpful information regarding natural remedies can be found at:


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