Natural Aids Cure Self Help Video Discover one mans way to a natural cure of AIDS

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  • jgrayson95:

    I think the HIV/aids medicine company is hiding these so called cures so they get more money

  • troller5000:

    may AIDS prosper!!!!! YEAH!!!!

  • TrickyTheClown1216:


  • ssr211:

    if you have hiv or aids and want this product you can go to hivelixir . com it is expensive but its better than dying and its not much more than the meds you’re probably paying for now.

  • lordtusk666:

    @thegreenangelsoul what gene is it??

  • SheLovesG0D:

    So what aren’t doctors giving this to EVERY person with HIV/AIDS? Selah.

  • Salilmalik92:

    check out my blog
    principleofnaturecures at

  • ADPDirty:

    God cures everything.Water ? Pills ? Shots ?
    Pray with belief cures everything.

  • thegreenangelsoul:

    Berlin december 2010 14-20th, lukemia bone marrow transplant cures aides, 32.9 million people have aides, 30 million in america alone have that gene that makes a person HIV immune, copy and paste this! worldwide cure off the bat within 2 years!

  • butch1026:


  • TitanHB:

    @butch1026 its all an illusion of consciousness… i could see u going down that road… life… the universe…. but co-creation is a bitch!! means im trapped here cos all you see me and my cancer!! lol

  • loagun:

    a viral load of 13, 000 and something? meant he was VERY SICK? that is complete and utter BULL!!!!!!!!! any doctor can tell you that any viral load of UNDER 50,000 is ‘undetectable’ that f*cking lying b*tch

  • butch1026:


  • synsei1:

    @samthomalan All I can answer is I wish you the best (of science) for 2011 and after with your health.
    I must correct: I said “some good study” but “some” is not enough, there are many more steps and this product merely made the first.

  • samthomalan:

    @synsei1 Great to see some intelligent comments on here! Well done. I completely agree with you.

    Having HIV is a burden enough without dabbling with ‘lotions or potions’ that haven’t been investigated or undergone rigorous and lengthy clinical trials. I am taking Atripla for now which has kept my viral load undetectable for over 4 years. This is a ARV medication. The benefits out-number the side effect by far. I think I’ll leave the ‘magic water’ to others brave enough to take the big risk!

  • samthomalan:

    People need to wake up and stop blaming communities or individuals for HIV. Everyone is effected, gay, heterosexual, Christian, Muslim or otherwise. God did not put HIV on this earth to punish gays! It like saying cancer was put on the earth to punish people too.. Or diabetes, or epilepsy, or any other illness. One thing that really frightens me about some Bible preachers around the world is that they are using religion to air their own prejudices and small minded fears. Live and let live!

  • samthomalan:

    @kumane93 I think you need your head examined by a professional. So, all the hundreds of thousands of people suffering with HIV in Sub Saharan Africa are gay? Or had sex with a Bisexual person? You are so, so wrong. HIV and AIDS effects everyone, including many heterosexuals. True, that passive men are at more risk, because of the weakness of the anus. But it is everyone responsibility to be safe, gay, straight or otherwise. Now stop being small minded and discriminative!

  • kumane93:

    This water seems good for you health, I dont have AIDS or HIV and I pray to God I never encounter it, those men are paying for their actions of choosing homosexuality, it seems that every body doing things against the bible suffer, HIV and AIDS are some punishments Homosexuals get or unlucky partners of a bisexual male

  • kumane93:

    @phantom1000A U A BITCH ASS RACIST FUCK

  • MoOkS187:

    We shouldnt be trying to cure aids. Dirty faggots want to go against nature and have anal, then they should live with the consequences

  • ghryjuy:

    We do transform and you can select Naughty women

  • phantom1000A:

    the cure:
    stop being gay
    and stop being a nigger

  • jrwkc:

    A super simple experiment to validate this drink. One man, lets call him steve, continue to take the 30.00/bottle algae mix w/ aminos (lol) but stop taking anti-virals. The other continue to take both. A viral load and CD4 count 30 days later…This kind of shit sends a very dangerous message to those with out a medical or scientific background who are easily persuaded by self-proclaimed natural miracle cures.

  • jrwkc:

    bushy mustaches!!! Let’s call them bruce and bruce.

  • synsei1:

    The plural of anecdote is not evidence, it’s anecdotes. 2 or 3 cases of patients who get better are not enough, some people have the luck to get better over time without “magic water”, we also don’t know how many don’t get better WITH Magic Water.
    Don’t let someone inject some crap they know nothing of in your body until some good study shows it works and has no catastrophic side effects.

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