Natives Remedies Adds 20 New Products to Fast-Growing Line of Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) April 20, 2009

Boca Raton-based Native Remedies, the market-leading online brand of natural remedies, today announced the addition of 20 new products to its ever-expanding line of specially formulated, safe and proven herbal and homeopathic products.

Native Remedies delivers a unique dual-modality approach for complete holistic wellness by offering OTC homeopathic remedies for relief of symptoms as well as compound herbal remedies for natural support and enhancement of body structure and functions. This provides customers the tools to both manage and mitigate symptoms for immediate relief, while building up their systems for long-term wellness.

With 18 new homeopathic remedies in this release, Native Remedies is growing its line of OTC products made specifically for short-term symptom relief. These remedies were specifically formulated to complement matching herbal remedies best suited for improving body structure and function over the long-term.

“We work hard to recognize the needs of our customers, and develop new remedies based on their feedback,” says George Luntz, President of Native Remedies. “We are very excited to announce the addition of these products so we can continue to provide our customers with complete solutions. We know that natural medicine works best when you combine short-term relief with long-term care.”

The new homeopathic remedies are 100% natural, proven, safe and effective to address common concerns such as acid reflux and heartburn, hemorrhoids, pink eye, gout, leg cramps, inflammation, headaches, seasonal allergies and much more. Native Remedies also introduced two new topical products and one new herbal remedy in this release.

These new remedies include Acid Free-Fluxâ„¢, Anal Itch Assistâ„¢, Anger-Sootheâ„¢, Conjunct-a-Clear Washâ„¢, Conjunct-a-Clearâ„¢, FemaLubeâ„¢, Gout-Goneâ„¢, HayFever Fighterâ„¢, Headache Sootheâ„¢, InflammaGoâ„¢, Invigorate Skin Tonicâ„¢, Leg Cramp Awayâ„¢, Mucus-Clearâ„¢, Oral-Assistâ„¢, Pure-n-Fresh Breath Sprayâ„¢, SAD Sootherâ„¢, Scab-Ease Itch Reliefâ„¢, Sweat-Lessâ„¢, Tic Tamerâ„¢, and Vagi-Sootheâ„¢.

Native Remedies products are manufactured in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities. Its herbal remedies are produced using whole-herb Full Spectrum method of herbal extraction, for greater effectiveness and fewer side effects than those produced using standardized extracts.

“An increasing number of physicians are advocating a holistic approach to health care, emphasizing prevention as well as natural treatment. Taking a holistic approach to health includes the principle of ‘prevention being better than a cure’, addressing the root causes of an ailment for complete healing to take place,” says Michele Carelse, who leads Native Remedies formulation team, with many years experience counseling patients, manufacturing remedies, and utilizing nature’s remedies in her clinical psychology practice.

Native Remedies also recently introduced 9 new products to their PetAlive range of natural remedies for dogs and cats. At the same time, Native Remedies also launched a brand new Equine product line, designed especially for horses, expanding the PetAlive range to over 70 products.

All Native Remedies’ herbal and homeopathic remedies, including these new additions, are available via their website at, and their pet line is sold at Distributor inquires can be made at, or by calling 561-544-6006 Extension 222.

About Native Remedies:

Founded in 2002, with over 300,000 customers worldwide and more than 250 herbal and homeopathic remedies for the whole family, including their pets, Native Remedies is the market leader in specially formulated, compound natural remedies.


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