My Favorite Top 10 Daily Vitamins and Supplements

1) Fish Oil – Omega 3’s fatty acids 2) Green Tea- either in capsule or tea form 3) Multivitamin- Remember, something is better than nothing 4) Iron- also kno…
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10 Responses to “My Favorite Top 10 Daily Vitamins and Supplements”

  • LamuPrincess:

    Hi ,i really like your video ,very informative.i was wondering if instead
    of 18 mg of iron could i take 28 mg ? Thank you

  • tdottchickk:

    What do you think about taking a multivitamin in powdered form? I just
    bought one today (Greens Multi) in powdered form. They also make them in
    capsules, but i didn’t see that one at the Health Store and i also bought
    it because it doesn’t have many fillers. I find many supplements contain a
    long list of fillers, but i always want ones that’re more natural or at
    least don’t have many. As for the calcium magnesium, i’ve heard how it can
    cause heart attack and stuff.

  • rosemarylove86:

    @torofighter Wow, well to me it sounds like you are taking some really
    great stuff. That’s awesome to hear!

  • Andy Potvin:

    I take Chia seeds for my omegas, and I take Fish oil because there is no
    DHA in Chia seeds, flax etc. I also take chelated magnesium
    glycinate/lysinate which is a slowly and highly absorbed form of magnesium.
    I’m also a tea drinker, white, red, green, black and Yerba Mate if I need
    some extra energy. Whey protein, grass-fed milk, wild blueberries and chia
    seeds go into my shake. I know there is more I could be taking, but I eat
    pretty healthy.

  • rosemarylove86:

    @Katiejo0123 I personally don’t know, but I have met people who do take
    quite a bit of supplements on a very regular basis. Strangely enough I have
    problems remembering to even take one vitamin somedays! lol I just
    recommend these as daily things because they are safe for you to take every
    day for the rest of your life if you wanted to. Something like a
    multivitamin though I do recommend EVERYONE to take though. 🙂

  • Marie Glover:

    You have a really good list! I myself take natural fish oil supplement (the
    one I take has lycopene and astaxanthin as well which is good for the skin
    – check it at bestfishoill. com), green tea capsules or green tea drinks. I
    drink green tea like water lol. I also take organic green barley powder (or
    capsules) and extra virgin coconut oil (use it as spread on non gluten
    crackers for breakfast!) and flax seed powder to sprinkle on anything to
    eat lol. I always look at ingredients too 🙂

  • rosemarylove86:

    @tziokas Thanks!!

  • Kat Tziokas:

    The best I have ever seen!

  • Katiejo0123:

    do you take all of these everyday?

  • rosemarylove86:

    @tdottchickk I think that’s a really great idea…the more something is a
    liquid (ie your powder in water) than the easier it is for your body to
    break down and absorb the vitamins in it. You are very right about the
    fillers out tehre. There’s some not so great multivitamin supplements on
    the market, so people just like you did, should pay more attention to what
    they are taking.

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