Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and their Benefits

Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and their Benefits http:\www.truehope.com Dr. Carol Banyas, M.D., Ph.D, a physician, therapist, teacher and healer has de…
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Are most minerals in supplements ground up industrial rocks with acids added to them? What form of minerals are in foods? Do mineral salts provide necessary …

10 Responses to “Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and their Benefits”

  • Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd.:

    Listen to Dr. Carol Banyas, MD, PhD—physician, therapist, teacher &
    healer—speak about micronutrient treatment. Please share.

  • jjjaspar1:

    There are some competitors, but Truehope is way ahead with research and
    tweaking their formulations. Some psychiatrists and other physicians in the
    USA are using it with their patients, especially the children. You can read
    a lot of stories on the truehope site and itsnotmental is a good site, too.

  • 365 Days Without Sugar:

    Listen to Dr. Carol Banyas, MD, PhD—physician, therapist, teacher &
    healer—speak about micronutrient treatment. Please share.

  • Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd.:
  • Tracy Kreider:

    Is the end product created here in your product USP -free?
    I MEAN, COMPLETELY 100%.. and that does not mean JUST THE END product.. I
    MEAN, FROM SOURCE THROUGH END.. Are these USP vitamins that are fed to
    yeasts and the END RESULT is “”food- like””.. Country Life Vitamins sells
    REALFOOD ORGANICS.. not only an organic product but putting out USDA
    CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT.. meaning it had to be SOURCED FROM FOOD.. not an
    isolate.. I THINK that you may mislead people with all the GREAT
    INFORMATION YOU HAVE HERE.. that because it’s “”NOT ON THE LABLEL””.. it’s
    food.. but, if all this is true what you have said about all these isolate
    vitamins.. why would you then feed them to yeast?
    Can you please explain that?

  • johnny TheTerminator:

    There is no magic pill ! best to eat the real raw organic food ! great
    video !
    “God bless you” …..for telling the truth .Please write a book !
    I follow ; the china study book by T. Colin Campbell and “Wheat
    Belly” by William Davis.MD.

  • frosty4700:

    Thank you Dr. Thiel. I was always a skeptic towards supplemental minerals
    and vitamins, now I am convinced and will only seek food as a means for
    vitamin and mineral intake.

  • mohsinuk2000:

    What about magnesium citrate?

  • liinu01:

    Very useful again, thank you. I am not medically trained, but am
    researching natural supplements, and realise now that the best thing to do
    is throw away my synthetic vitamins, and get a good natural whole food
    vitamin brand instead.

  • MrPrizes2011:

    Look, you’re a scam artist. You may have valid points and are right about
    natural food based vitamins and minerals being better than synthetics. The
    only thing is, you’re selling supplements that claim to be all natural and
    food based, when in reality they aren’t natural. Your supplements contain
    synthetic vitamins that are claimed to be eaten by yeasts and magically
    converted into vitamins just like the ones found in plants. There is no
    proof that these yeast can even consume these vitamins!

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