Marijuana Edibles Sales Show Growth in Market

Marijuana Edibles Sales Show Growth in Market

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

According to the New York Daily News, the perpetuation of marijuana in both the recreational and the medicinal sectors is mirroring the progression in the baked goods industry. As legalized marijuana becomes more accepted in mainstream culture, many are turning to alternative methods of ingesting the drug aside from the traditional and more dangerous forms of smoking the herb.

Edibles and marijuana infused products are becoming quite the trend in legalized states such as Colorado and Washington and are prompting many, like spokesman for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana’s Erik Altieri, to offer their opinion. Altieri told the New York Daily News when referring to edibles that, “they’ve always been popular among a subset of marijuana, but with the fact that more and more people from the mainstream are able to consume, there’s a lot more interest.” A majority of marijuana users who turn to edibles do so because of the dangers associated with smoking marijuana. Edibles can also provide a source of relief for the sick and long lasting pain relief for those burdened with disease or life threatening illness such as cancer.

A representative of A&A Packaging commented on the topic saying that “as for the present, as well as the future are both concerned, marijuana businesses that do not offer quality edibles or quality infused marijuana products will be missing out on substantial business both with recreational and medical patients.” With several years of experience, A&A Packaging has worked side by side with dispensaries and have been supportive of the regulatory guidelines of marijuana products for the ever-changing marijuana industry.

A&A Packaging is a wholesale supplier and industry leader when it comes to the medical and recreational marijuana supplies markets. They offer an array of product lines and brand names in the wholesale dispensary and smoke shop industries. A&A’s packaging products have all been tested and certified to the child resistance standards of the CSPC and ASTM regulatory guidelines of states such as Colorado and Washington. To learn more about how A&A Packaging can assist with the growth of your dispensary business, call (888) 315-2453 or visit their website at

For additional information on this report by the New York Daily News, visit the article published on 7/18/2014:

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