MADtv: Miracle Natural Cures

Miracle Natural Cures
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A home remedy for an abscessed tooth is to pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile to drain the infection. Use a warm salt water rinse to ease the discomfort of an abscess at home with tips from a dentist in this free video on dental health and oral hygiene. Expert: Dr. Mike Glasmeier Contact: Bio: Dr. Mike Glasmeier is a member of the American Dental Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

50 Responses to “MADtv: Miracle Natural Cures”

  • DrSAM69:

    ITS AWLL GNATUREEEEEL!!!! I fucking hate it when they try to convinve me to buy something by saying this.
    You know what else is natural? Opium, go smoke some till you die and do the world a favour.

  • mdcombs79:

    There is a CURE for deep Depression, Despair, and Hopelessness. I was in the Chains of Hopelessness for years and couldn’t find anyway out. I used my Addictions to cover up the pains I was feeling. But now I am finally Free and have so much Hope, Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love that I have ever experienced. There are 100s of people that I know personally who have experienced the same things! Click on my name to see these Powerful Stories of Hope and Freedom. You can have the same also!

  • amorhombre:

    @DuellMeNoob Amen!

  • denister2008:

    WooooW I didnt see that coming

  • DuellMeNoob:

    @amorhombre well, at least i am not alone with my thinking… people are blind, but i dont care anymore. stupid people will never understand, and i wont argue with retards anymore.

    nobody wants to cure, there is NO money in curing people. -_-

  • TheMysteryCook:

    fucher84 and amorhombre it’s just a mad tv sketch chill

  • spencerp801234:

    whats up with all the long comments?

  • k5boy805:

    Fuck this put real shut on u bastards

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 how the hell am I going to prove it to you on a comment post on youtube? Do you have an e-mail address where I can message you endless links and research tools and videos! The FDA and Pharmaceutical companies are in to make money and nothing else. Any blind person can see this. i have seen it with my own eyes. I work in research and the purpose of the pharmaceutical industry is to STABILIZE not CURE conditions. Many people have cured themselves holistically, I’m one of them.

  • Fuchur84:

    @amorhombre So in the end you are just saying “Trust me!” and don’t trust the people who are doing it in the only useful and repeatable way we know… that will convince a ton of people…

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 Scientific study? LOL! Well you’re not going to read about it on no scientific journal, all the main journals are runned by pharmaceutical companies!!! Just research Colloidal Silver and the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy on line, look on videos here on youtube. I MYSELF did this when I was diagnosed HIV+. Doctors who have done these CHEAP and EFFECTIVE treatments have had their licenses revoked! You will not kill no patient with oxygen therapies. Oxygen is key to many cures.

  • Fuchur84:

    @amorhombre and yes… since viruses are more and more immune against penicillin there are other medica which can help better in certain situations… but when it was found it made a huge difference between curing illneses before and after that. People lifed longer because of it. Also Cat’s Claw is just another medi you can get which will help. Forget dietery supplements but trying a bach flower remedies to cure your broke leg is just not intelligent. Get medications which are proven…

  • Fuchur84:

    @amorhombre Okay prove it with a study which is really scientific… and “give it oxygen and it will not dive”? sure… like most blood-based virus it will die if he is in the wrong environment… problem is: It is in your blood-vesels… giving the virus oxygen in a way that is effected means killing the patient… (people dont live long without blood). the cure you are talking about is a psychological phenomena. People who fight are more likely to win the battle than those who giveup

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 Have you ever heard of Cat’s Claw, Colloidal Silver, Pau D’Arco etc? Those are far more effective then penicillin. Cancer and HIV can not thrive in oxygenated environments that’s a proven fact! HIV is an anaerobic virus. Give it oxygen and it will not thrive. People have change to a high antioxidant diet live disease free. I did that.But you don’t see much of this information because the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies control much of the main stream. Like I said, research this

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 When you have been diagnosed with a long term illness like Diabetes, Cancer, HIV etc. Then you have to make a complete life style change. Why do diabetics suffer from so many problems still on their medications? They call it “diet control” but diabetes is curable. People who take meds for the rest of their lives don’t make the necessary life style change to heal. You need proper nutrition and ANTIOXIDANTS! that’s key! Just do a little research. there’s no magic bullet.

  • Fuchur84:

    @amorhombre There are not many more illnesses today… just other once. In the 16th century there was no “unnatural” food. And still: People died from black death, yellow fever, often even a normal angina. The medicine like penicillin (which is actually a natural ingredient but never would have been useable if druggists wouldnt have found a good way to synthesis and provide it) and better hygenic standards are the reason why we are living that much longer than people back then…

  • Fuchur84:

    @amorhombre That is stereotype thinking… The question is: Which cancer-type somebody has, how long does s/he have it, was it really the biological food or only the placebo-effect which would be exactly the same with any type of medicine. There are illnesses which are NOT cureable. You can eat as many carrots no matter how biologically they may have been grown, it will not cure your leukemia. It may work for one or two persons, but most of us would still die from these illnesses.

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 it’s because of human greed why there’s more diseases today. I was diagnosed HIV+ 3 years ago. Don’t ever believe anybody when they tell you NOTHING is curable. Pharmaceutical drugs are made to STABILIZE a condition NOT CURE IT! They are pumped with chemicals and toxins. I am not on medication, I’m a marathon runner, I lift weights and am as healthy as I have ever been. Suzanne Sommers cured herself from Cancer naturally, natural medicine works! See the videos on my favorites.

  • Fuchur84:

    Because of that all the guys in the 16th century were extremly healthy, lived very long and had a very happy life without and illnesses, right? It is just not like that… as always it is the right mixtured between scientific medication and good food which will give the best results… I know it is new and cool for you, but it is not the “world formular” as always. IT is a small step which will help, but it is not any kind of miracle…

  • amorhombre:

    @Fuchur84 Don’t under estimate the human body. The body has an amazing way of healing itself. It’s not going to be through drugs though. Healing is a process and nutrition and biological grown food is the main healer. Throw in natural herbs and you’ve got a cure for anything.

  • Fuchur84:

    “Cure all illness” > True? Comon… there is nothing like that. It is good to eat biological grown food, but don’t think you will cure anything. It is good, but you need see it in an objective way. It is not some kind of magical cure… it just helps to stay a little healthier…

  • amorhombre:

    This is so typical of Fox. They’re making fun of what is actually true. I used to love this show, I’m glad I never saw this. This skit isn’t even funny it’s pathetic, I’m glad it got canceled!

  • wingersx:

    freaking hilarrriouse i want skit like dis if it was still on

  • TheMarifreica:

    I want people to live! hahaha

  • sageofgame:

    @adian40 f your comment for $39.95

  • DigiBullet23:

    ok so since i wrote that what came out was a grayish blood looking substance im not sure if that was puss it seemed to build up over the coarse of 45 min to intense pain then biting the bullet and eating the pain i would drain 4 or 5 times it stopped since then it hasnt hurt but if i bite hard i can feel it so u do think i should still care … i have 26 antibiotics left should i just take them all as prescribed the rest of the 40 i have left…and if u want i can show a picture

  • pullingteeth55:

    @shadydawg555 at least get an antibiotic for the time being

  • pullingteeth55:

    @DigiBullet23 – you have a chronic abscess. this is not going to go away. with the presence of swelling, the infection is spreading. this is a serious issue that needs to be treated with antibiotics and a root canal or extracted tooth. get to a dentist soon to have this fixed. all this talk of popping the abscess only relieves a symptom but doesnt treat the problem

  • lovelylamp:

    I know how to get rid of pain: you will need a tooth paste that fights cavities, advil or a pain killer and mouth wash

    1. When your tooth hurts, take an advil.

    2. brush your teeth very well with the tooth paste.

    3. take a mouth wash that kills plaque and other germs for 12hours.

    4. Take a shower, When your body responds to pain, it wants to relax to something thats soothing.(use warm water)

    This will help for enough time to go to a dentist. (6~10hrs)

  • badboy471000:

    I would get my teeth fixed but I can’t aford a down payment on a house so why should I be able to make one for a dentist or pay for his kid’s to go to college when I can not aford to go myself would be funny if I was not in so much pain.

  • DigiBullet23:

    now my question is when i pricked it with the needle i did so on inside by tongue where the bumped out part is not on front where it is blackish but not bumped…. after pressure i felt the pin pop thru my skin so i pulled it out prolly went in no more then a millimeter and i saw a dot of blood come out… does that mean wrong spot or i just didnt go deep enough? my mouth kills im positive its infected

  • DigiBullet23: in lots of pain 4th time this keeps returning and they just give me same stuff… anyhow i tryed to drain it myself its my bottom jaw vampire tooth 3rd or so to my right..(the 2 tooth where i believe the abcess is are in a sort of upside down “V” so there a gap at the root between the 2 … in the gap on front its black ish….lots of swelling on my jaw and cheek there but on the back is where it feels wierd kinds like its bumped out slightly and its a bit whiteish so i believe puss

  • gladheateher4now:

    I dilute peroxide 4-1,is it safe to gargle that twise daily?

  • Angryrnmedic:

    My sincere thanks to the dentist for sharing with us and donating his time. RN

  • TriangleSquare52:

    i have a damn left molar decayed all the way down to my damn gum, and it just started getting firmer and firmer, had this for roughly 5 years now because my mom is such a sack of shit..recently this january my right molar cracked open at a monstar jam eating nachos, and he’s going on 10 months..

  • albert19ful:

    i had an abscess ,so i got a stick of dynamite lit it 40 seconds later it had gone ,so had my head .

  • shadydawg555:

    The problem is dentists. If they wouldnt overcharge for RC, wed all be ok, but no. Ive been stuck with an abscess for awhile, no bubble or anything, just a slightly swollen jaw. What can ya do?

  • fidellah23:

    @srofficial06 probably not,not all Youtube viewers are from tje united states…I’m from Canada…same shit.

  • EarthGameOver:

    Many years ago when I was a child, warm water with salt was used.
    Now I use colloidal silver as an anti-biotic germ killer.
    Also brush with baking soda w/spot of toothpaste.
    Stay away from fluoride if you can, Read the toothpaste label.

  • HIM1984HIM:

    A good remedy for a toothache and absess is echinacea. it always helped me when i couldnt go to the dentist. U can buy it at wal mart or anystore.

  • favm360:

    I’m scare to pop it, but my appointment is until July 6. I brush my teeth regularly and have never had a cavity, I mouthwash regularly and have try the saltwater thing, it still won’t go away.

  • JamesMitchell78:

    My doctor recommended a product called Herbal Dentist, and it worked wonders for my abscessed tooth! Was availabel through his office, but found it for less on Ebay, keywords search “herbal dentist.” Try it. It works!

  • cutensxcgurl:

    this is my second abcess,i cant get the tooth out til the infection is gone,its sooooo painful 🙁

  • azmab:

    @Roy1962 You should have gotten some pain meds as well. You need to be on the antibiotics for approx 48-72 hrs then return to the dentist for definitive treatment. Another option is to request an Incision and Drainage (I&D). The difficult part is numbing up the area because of the infection. But once numb the dentist makes a small incision and places a drain that is sutured in place. Trust me, patients feel 100% better after an I&D + antibiotics + pain meds.

  • Roy1962:

    im in a lot of pain at moment i have a bad abcsess,been to dentist today,all i havebeen given is antiboitics,i wish mine would burst and relive the pain,

  • gboneske:

    To use oil of cloves or eugenol put it on a cotton pad and hold on the abcess or painful tooth. This will dull the pain. Eugenol can also be used on a dry socket after an extraction. 🙂

  • muzeitgeist:

    I want you to be my dentist. Every dentist I have been to further destroyed my teeth by “working on it” Like a bad mechanic.

  • valoguy:

    @midleground sucks man. I only brush once, at night, and I’ve only had 3 cavites in my life @ 27 years of age.

  • socialmedic:

    Gum disease sneaks up on you, it happens on the inside painlessly for years and you don’t notice it until its gone too far.

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