Little Unknown Wonder: Herbal Essiac Tea Working Wonders in Peoples Lives-natures Alternative Remedy

Little Unknown Wonder: Herbal Essiac Tea Working Wonders in Peoples Lives-natures Alternative Remedy

Today with all the emphasis put on staying fit we are always looking for that magical pill. It’s no secret that we live in a society today that wants instant gratification.

I was reading an article about the Amish. In the article it said that Amish tend to live on a high fat and high cholesterol diet. Yet even with their eating habits they do not suffer with obesity or heart problems and other health related problems. Why? Well there are several answers to that question. One answer is that these people are very physically active. They work hard!

Also I believe that one of the many reasons are, is that they are not dependent on the drug companies to cure their ills. No people on God’s green earth are more likely to be using home remedies past down from generation to generation.

Where am I going with all of this? The simple fact is that yes there are times when we may have no other alternative but to use prescription drugs. But I truly believe in always searching out the all natural alternative remedies. We at are very proud to be selling the best all natural herbal remedy for all types of ills, not just diabetes. No this article is not to sell you on our site but to hopefully sell you on the world of alternative remedies. Sure there are many natural remedies out there. Which one does someone chose? The truth of the matter is, only you can decide what’s right for you. Decision making is made easy by knowing someone personally who has had great results on some certain natural remedy. Speaking from our own personal use and the results that we have experienced, we can honestly say that essiac tea is a God sent. Hey life is a journey, right? We don’t know what’s around the next bend. We use road maps to find our way along the many roads we travel. This article is meant to be a road map on your journey back to good health.

One more thing I’d like to point out. Why, when people get cancer are they given chemo? It’s a known fact that chemo destroys the immune system. Shouldn’t the doctors be giving their patients something that will build their immune system to help the body fight off the cancer? A body that has a strong immune system has a better chance at fighting off cancer. Our essiac tea builds a strong immune system. This is why it is so beneficial to your health. Follow this link to read how our essiac tea helped my wife’s mother with her battle against melanoma cancer. She was 88yrs. old when she was diagnosed with her cancer. At that age there was no way we were going to allow the doctors to use chemo on her. She’s been cancer free for over a year now!!

Essiac Tea has worked wonders on my wife’s diabetes. She was not able to get her blood sugar levels in the normal range even on medication. Not only did the tea get her blood sugar levels in the normal range but it also helped her with her hypo thyroid condition. The doctor lowered her medication dosages on both her diabetes and her hypo thyroid conditions. Now my wife who has been on thyroid medication for over 30 yrs. has never had her dosage ever lowered. Raised, yes, lowered, no. Ever since she started drinking essiac tea faithfully she has had her thyroid meds lowered 3 times.

So as you can see we have learned from first hand experience that this tea creates a strong immune system. 8 herbal ingredients make up this tea. Clinically proven by Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch to be the most effective essiac tea. Who are these people? Well Rene was a nurse who discovered this tea that was originally created by the Canadian Ojibway Indians. Rene met Dr. Brusch who was personal physician to President John F. Kennedy and ran the Brusch Medical Clinic in Cambridge, Mass. Together they ran thousands of clinical studies to create the best essiac tea. Dr Brusch also treated himself with essiac tea when he came down with cancer. Dr. Brusch defeated cancer with this tea alone.

After having been exposed through the years of how well Essiac tea works I am still truly amazed! I have seen first hand health restored through the faithful use of Essiac. Being convinced that the only remedy for any disease was doctor prescribed medicinal drugs I am now a convert to alternative health remedies.

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If you believe that homeopathic medicine can treat ailments better than medicine that has been scientifically proven to work, you are acting irrational. In this short video James Randi explains homeopathy. This is a portion of the lecture Randi gave at Princeton in 2001. The full video is here:
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