Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals For Optimum Health With Multi Vitamins

Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals to give your body the nutrients and organic multivitamins it needs.…

5 Responses to “Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals For Optimum Health With Multi Vitamins”

  • dawnyraerae:

    Hi! Thanks for the channel comment! 🙂 I was just told yesterday that you
    shouldn’t take caplet vitamins, but rather capsule/gel cap vitamins because
    they are liquid in the center. I’m told the caplets do not break down and
    therefore don’t get absorbed, so it is a waste of time to take them. Sort
    of the same principal here. How does that stuff taste, by the way??

  • Crzykjn:

    @dawnyraerae I’m not saying it’s true or not true about caplets not
    breaking down, but you have to research for yourself and find out if it’s
    true before just running with what you’ve been told. Do you not take
    aspirin caplets when you have a headache now because you’ve been told
    caplets don’t break down? My opinion is that there may be a little truth to
    the theory, but not completely. I think some vitamin caplets may not break
    down completely before they’re passed, but it’s just an opinion.

  • dawnyraerae:

    Funny you ask, Crzykjn. I actually do not EVER take aspirin (or similar
    medicines). I prefer natural remedies. (Plus I am lucky that I almost never
    get headaches, anyway).

  • Debra Oakland:

    Hi Dawny, you are correct, many caplets do not break down and are sent out
    of the body undigested. Capsule/gels are a much better way to go because it
    is a more expensive way to create the product and one would assume that if
    you use a more expensive manufacturing method, you would use better
    ingredients. My liquid multi’s taste like Mango’s and are 100% organic. If
    you have any more questions, I am always glad to answer them. Cheers, Cody

  • Crzykjn:

    @dawnyraerae Yeah, I rarely get headaches as well, but I’m gonna take 1 or
    2 aspirin as opposed to the old Chinese natural remedies of 4-5 almonds,
    because I’ve found that natural “remedy” to not work one bit, especially
    when compared to something like aspirin and when I’m at work and rarely
    have access to the natural remedies for a simple problem like that.
    Besides, I only get maybe 1-3 headaches in a year’s time, if even that.

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