Integrative, Functional, Holistic and Alternative Medicine – Fairfax, Virginia 703-207-4646

Integrative, Functional, Holistic and Alternative Medicine- Fairfax, Virginia VIP Integrative Medicine is where the whole person is treate…
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Katherine welcomes guests John Seleen and Tom Woods. Mr. Seleen is the founder of Mushroom Science, a company dedicated to introducing health care practition…
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25 Responses to “Integrative, Functional, Holistic and Alternative Medicine – Fairfax, Virginia 703-207-4646”

  • C Brown:

    Your on the right talk but do you do the walk.I’m Mohawk.I watch
    and shake my head.You that came here are could never survive
    the the you it’s really.hello! go to your white man.Natives and
    Asian which we are long time healing yet you see it as you impress
    me..NOT..but you white people are learning..once you realise that this
    continent is ruled by the Great White Spirit only then help will come.
    Think about it,your Europeans ways..just aren’t working here!

  • TheSacredMantraBoon:

    Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Japanese to
    flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a minority To
    convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all those
    NON-Japanese That this “diversity” is a strength And to convince them that
    it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves No need convincing WHITE
    anti-whites of this in EVERY white country, they’re already convinced
    Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White /watch?v=203-BKE5MgU

  • blakmira:

    Did anybody even research this woman before putting her on the show? She
    promotes chemotherapy & radiation. She basically called Mike Adams &
    Mercola “quacks.” Is there even any proof she ever had cancer? “On the June
    5, 2012 episode of the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show… criticized the Health
    Ranger (Mike Adams), Joseph Mercola and G. Edward Griffin for being “all
    wet” concerning the “bogus stuff” they put out on cancer, saying a lot of
    it is “nonsense.” She’s a whore for Big Pharma.

  • Magick and the Occult:

    well germs and cancer love an acidic environment so basic o r alkaline
    foods like greens or the baking soda neutralizes the ph, however human life
    has a very small margin of ph a 1 point difference around 4.35

  • FirstTube11100:

    Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the
    third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.” What if I
    said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of
    millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long
    before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the
    conclusion to the BLACK problem? They say they are anti-racist. What they
    are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Donna MacCrossan:

    I don’t know if I have cancer but I am trying this right now. I am doing
    this cleanse right now where you take it in March, June, September &
    December. You take 1 oz. in 2 oz. of warm water first thing in the morning
    before eating and drinking anything and wait 30 minutes before eating. You
    take on the 3rd thru 21st day of month. I heard about this on Robert Scott
    Bell’s show. I tried to post link but couldn’t so if interested, send me
    message and I will tell you where I got this.

  • WishMasterPtolemy:

    I remember reading somewhere that eating apricot seeds which gave you a 7%
    chance of cancer survival… true or not, I don’t know.

  • savgal1211:

    I have been in the medical field for 25 yrs now.I also am a believer in
    Complementay therapies. Far as her surgery? I don’t care. She is Smart and
    attractive, so good for her!!

  • TecHipRock:

    “So, long story short….” Lol

  • Annabelle French:

    Jon, good observation, it is white countries targeted for mass non-white
    immigration and assimilation. Every White country is targeted this way. It
    is Gen0cide of Whit people globally. anti-racist is a code word for

  • DontTreadOnWe:

    Do you know of a reliable source for it?The original blend preferably

  • jenn wyatt:

    incase it helps,John Bergman is just amazing & generous with his teachings-
    he has YT videos at no cost where he tells ppl what to do at their home to
    reverse any illnesses. His videos & teachings are helping my dad reverse
    his autoimmune disease- His name is John Bergman, i have some of his videos
    in a playlist titled reversing autoimmune …ive passed his name around
    alot & ppl are amazed- because the advice he gives is so simple. But
    alkalizing your pH should help shrink the tumor.

  • GodLiberty:

    If interested, Google psk cancer and go to the Wikipedia page for more

  • Jim theleatherbraider:

    Agreed. I once heard of the American Indian having a messiah. What is the

  • sevic333:

    You are right, baking soda is part of the cancer answer. What about food
    grade hydrogen peroxide. You see, cancer hates oxygen. what does that tell
    you…mmmm ?

  • AKillerTuna:

    14:50 WRONG. In Japan, they follow western regimens for cancer to the
    letter. They do, indeed, give Neupogen shots, and then pain killers for the
    bone pain. They give the PSK as adjunctive therapy, basically a supplement.
    It is not used as a primary form of treatment. They give vitamin shots,
    too, and what she’s trying to pass off is tantamount to saying they’re
    treating cancer with vitamin shots. She sold a lot of BS to people, and
    then ran to what works when the chips were down. Now it’s CYA.

  • Gangsta Grannie:

    I totally agree, she’s promoting chemo here and trying to sell the extract.
    I believe the extract is probably very good, but the facts are chemo gives
    you a 2% chance of surviving 5 more years. No cure is ever mentioned, just
    2 in every 100 will live another 5 years, regardless of quality of life,
    which is often terrible once you’ve been through the hospital system. I’d
    personally rather not be here than survive and not be able to do anything
    for myself and be in pain constantly.

  • eigarza3:

    Breast cancer surviver, I did blood typing diet, maitaike mushroom was also
    incorporated at the time. After conventional treatment I went holistic.
    Still here and it’s been 7 yrs since that happened. I don’t dwell on it and
    don’t give it power. Jehova God thru his son Jesus first and no I am not a
    Jehova witness

  • foresakenlion:

    That’s so interesting, he’s talking about trigger the cytokine storm which
    is normally a reaction to foreign RNA/DNA, or an elemental allergen. The
    storm it’s self causing inflammation including and up to fatal brain
    swelling. But in this case, since there is no reactant present the army
    marches in a pro-active way.

  • shroomingnewman:

    how are dairy products used in plastic surgery?

  • jenn wyatt:

    Also, antibiotics if you have mycoplasma- will make them come back with a
    vengence after the antibiotic is done- mycoplasma is not a bacteria- its a
    mycoplasma with no cell wall & the antibiotics dont kill it, they make them
    burrow deep into your bones & muscle & hide. Its assinine what the doctors
    are doing- Luckily we have brains & the internet & there is always a way to
    figure something out without being at someone else’s mercy. Good luck &
    blessings. Learn & Share what you learn

  • Joe Mills:

    Salt, fats and protein have been demonized and called “bogey-men”. The
    amount of salt you need is roughly proportional to water-intake. You need
    at least 2-3 grams of sodium for each litre of water drank. Strangely
    enough, you can tolerate more salt on low-sugar diets. Saturated fat is
    essential, we need to be able to digest and use it. The body can become
    adapted to burning saturated fats as fuel. Its sugar which is bad not fats,
    high-blood sugar actually inhibits the breakdown of fats.

  • Gangsta Grannie:

    I agree, HIV is NOT aids, and experts say that the only people who have
    ever developed AIDS are those who’ve taken the medication for HIV. Although
    they say HIV can’t be cured, many people are curing themselves by building
    their immune system. A very good documentary to watch for anyone wanting to
    learn more is ‘house of numbers’ and its available on you tube. Excellent
    explaination and proves it was made in a lab, (like we didn’t know)

  • zorilya:

    and the GMO comment?

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