Offers Designer-Type Perfume Oils at Affordable Prices

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2010

A website providing customers with high-end, designer-type perfume oils and other body care products is celebrating its launch and grand opening by offering free samples of its oils. is dedicated to offering the best in body oils, cocoa butter, bar soap, incense and incense holders. All of the website’s products are top-quality, but by selling online, the company is able to offer them at steep discounts. The free samples will be available while supplies last.

“We are thrilled to launch this website and offer the most competitive prices in the market, while maintaining the quality our clients need,” said Herb King, owner of “By giving away free samples, visitors can essentially get a risk-free trial of the wide array of products we offer. We stand by our oils, which is why we are providing this special offer.” features hundreds of different types of body oils, including 273 Beverly Hills, Be Delicious, Egyptian Rose, Eucalyptus, Desire, Moneyhouse and Obsession, to name only a few.

The company also has a large selection in the area of aromatherapy, including fresh, hand-dipped incense. It currently offers 20-pack bundles of incense for just , including the choice from over 80 different scents.

“We have leveraged our experience in the body oils and incense industries to provide a tremendous variety of items for customers all over the United States,” King said. “We look forward to working with all who love great scents and top-of-the-line body care products.”

For more information on purchasing items, free samples, shipping information and more, visit

Please direct inquiries to:

Herb King

(310) 676-6318


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