How to Make Herbal Infused Oils Learn how to make herbal infused oils that you can use for herbal salve, lip balm recipes, or by itself as an herb oil. In …

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28 Responses to “How to Make Herbal Infused Oils”

  • Mountain Rose Herbs:

    Hi Lisabeth~I am so sorry your project turned out poorly! Coconut oil is
    not really the best oil for doing infusions. I generally use olive oil or
    almond oil~as suggested in the video. Additionally, I have never actually
    tried heating the oils in a crock pot, but I let the oils infuse at room
    temperature for several weeks. If I was going to heat them, I’d probably
    gently warm the olive oil and herb mix and then turn it off and let it
    infuse at room temperature for a few weeks. You’ll also want to make sure
    your herbs are completely covered with oil. I hope this helps and good
    luck on the next project ~Kori

  • dromycatcher:

    is this stronger or not compared to making tea from herbs?

  • Cherrell Vincent:

    hi ,im a new subscriber living in the caribbean ,i love your channel can
    you please give me some ideas on how to prepare hair growth oils,will be
    much appreciated.

  • ecmathies:

    Can I use laveneder instead and what oil should I use to make the infuse


    I strained the herbs through the cheese cloth and squeezed every last bit
    from the cloth. I put the infused oil in clean, sterilized jars. Later I
    noticed sediment on the bottom of the jars. Is this still o.k. to use?

  • Mae Morton:

    Would Pomegranate and green tea infused oil make a great lip balm

  • realyredone:

    Can I infuse collendulla ptal powder as well, will that work?

  • adrian rivera:

    This a recommended to this lady, please stop making alot noise on your
    videos and please, some person talk behind of those videos and too noise
    and you can’t heard clear, hope next videos could be better… Ok

  • S Stuart:

    How are you. I do not mean essential oils. I mean the herbal tea extracts
    that come 1 oz to a bottle. This is one that is taken instead of the herbal
    tea. I want to try it but do not know how much to use. What about the herb
    in the powdered form. Do I use the same amount as I use regular herb for
    infusion. Thanks

  • Kevin30283:

    I’m wondering if freshly chopped eggplant can be infused into an oil, or
    would I have to dry it first?

  • pinkpantherfun:

    Can Safflower oil, Sunflower oil or Grape seed oil be used in place of
    Sweet Almond oil or Olive oil for either the salve or lip balm ?

  • Lisabeth Morche:

    I used my small warming crockpot and used coconut oil and calendula. I let
    it go for about 3 hours. I took the lid off and the calendula is all dry
    and crunchy and the coconut smells like it’s toasted. Did something go

  • Lori Spears:

    Could I use this to make a scented oil for making soap?

  • Rosemeire Arruda:

    At 8’15” presenter gives a website for further educational info. Can
    somebody out there help me with the link? Thanks a lot.

  • Rhea Grove:

    Am enjoying these beginner videos. Thank you!

  • Renee Parker:

    I just love these videos and hope Mountain Rose Herbs continues to make
    them available. Thank you!!

  • IntuitiveHeartHealer:

    Thanks for the video. I’m going to try this out — but what would I use the
    oils for?

  • Mountain Rose Herbs:

    Hi there~you could use the oils in cooking, cosmetics and skin care
    recipes–just to name a few uses. Good luck! ~Kori

  • Lind Mcgee:

    I just watched another video on this same process and it suggest to not
    shake the oil. You also didn’t mention if it was best to use a regular
    metallic kitchen utensil spoon or a wooden spoon.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs:

    Hi Lind~Thank you for stopping by~I suppose it is a matter of preference
    whether to shake your mixtures up periodically. I like to make sure that
    the plant materials are completely covered and well incorporated so I do
    give them a good shake. I would suggest using wood or plastic utensils and
    avoiding the metal ones. I hope this answers your questions and good luck!

  • DrF YoungEsq:

    4 ur Body Temple

  • Aki Okami:

    Hi! I made a herbal oil with mineral oil and catnip leaves. But I tell you
    the stuff smell TERRIABLE! The leaves were completely covered throughout
    the whole process and I shook the jar everyday. The purpose of the oil is
    to make a mosquito repellant but it smells nothing like catnip. Did the oil
    become too strong? Or is it I should use a oil other than mineral oil? What
    did I do wrong?

  • Pocket Mouse:

    Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs:

    We usually use Olive Oil when making infused oils and salves, but you could
    certainly make an herbal infused oil with Coconut Oil too. Olive oil is the
    standard oil used in infused oils and salves because it works so well, is
    nourishing, there are generally no allergies to it, and it also has a long
    shelf life. However, you can definitely experiment with other oils! Coconut
    oil has a long shelf life and beneficial properties, and can make a very
    effective infused oil. ~Kori

  • Sylvia Korza:

    Hi! I love your videos and was wondering if you could give me your advice.
    I want to make a healing cream for very sensitive skin with
    eczema/dermatitis. Would it be possible to infuse a mixture of the
    following herbs in the same 1 jar of olive oil: calendula, dandelion root,
    plantain, alfalfa, rosemary leaf, comfrey leaf, yarrow, camomile, echinacea
    root, and pau d’ arco? Or would I want to infuse each herb separately into
    a different jar, then mix all the oils together for the cream?

  • Natures Libido Booster:

    Great video on sex drive boosters

  • Kailah Kim:

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    people with high BP should take this! very very dangerous. 

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