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Build your own herbal apothecary with Home Remedy Secrets: Building Your Herbal Medicine Chest. Learn 19 herbs and how you can use them. This video is part of a course that is free on LearningHerbs.com. It is herbal home remedies made simple.
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25 Responses to “Home Remedy Secrets: Toothache Remedy”

  • pepys1633:

    My toothaches used to be so painful that I felt almost suicidal on more than one occasion. I’ve tried all types of old remedies, but the only one that has worked for me, was chewing raw juice onions mixed with raw garlic, and this is not a joke; when the pain is unbearable, you try anything. The acidity of the onion and garlic combined, kills some of the bacteria, and the strong pain subsides, although it ruins your passionate love sessions…

  • Stressed2Capacity:

    While these remedies are great there is only one cure that relieves toothache pain INSTANTLY and it is raw garlic. Remove the skin, cut the garlic into tiny pieces and place on the gum above infected tooth. Pain gone in .00000002 seconds. Do not leave the garlic in your mouth for an extended period of time because it can burn the gum and cause major irritation.

  • HustleChrist:

    @TeethWhiteningCenter cheak out tha pig brutality toothache

  • HustleChrist:


  • boldhero44:

    Stuff They Dont Want You To Know, here: stdwytk dot blogspot dot com (with NO ’’donate’’ button !!!)

  • TeethWhiteningCenter:

    Its for a fact that the lifestyle of people nowadays contribute to some of the factors or reasons why your teeth are discolored. Some of this factors are smoking, drinking too much coffee and too much sugar intake etc. We should take care of our teeth cause this is the first thing that a person notices as we do things in our daily lifestyle activities!

  • katie8758:

    Just eat a teaspoon of peanut butter – sounds crazy, but I swear it works wonders. Make sure to use the side of your mouth with the painful tooth to chew the peanut butter. It coats the raw/exposed nerve and instantly makes the pain go away.

  • agentgooner007:

    Orajel for people in the UK the extra strength red one that you can only get from behind the counter one squirt and you are pain free for 24 hours ahhhhhh. I know Tesco’s do it ( don’t like them but this is a toothache we are talking about.)

  • ashleyco07:

    So which is better to brush teeth with: Antibacterial bar soap or Fluoride Toothpaste?

    Cuz 2months ago i was having BAD toothaches. My dentist gave me fluoride toothpaste but i didnt use it. Instead i brushed with antibacterial soap and it took a while but eventually my toothaches lessened. Now my teeth are starting to ache again. Why? I think its cause I skipped the soap for the fluoride toothpaste in the last few days. hey cant we buy and injected our gums with the numbing stuff dentists use?

  • ReliefForToothache:

    Visit my website in my profile description for more info on toothache remedies:)

    Add a quarter of a teaspoon of crushed rock salt to a pinch of pepper, mix well and place upon the sore tooth.
    Brushing with this mixture on a daily basis provides protection against cavities, fights against bad breath and bleeding gums, cures tooth sensitivity and wards off toothache pain.

  • nico4kp2:

    ok i dont know about this stuff but i used this stuff called red cross it kills any nerve i swear this stuff works you can get it at any pharmacy or walmart i have a tooth that lost its filling and the nerve was exposed and was sending a shocking pain that felt like it was going through my whole body just a warning it taste horrible thats why i suggest only getting it on the problem area and it wont be so bad ohh and you can get temp filling but it should work with any toothache its 7 bucks

  • xN0xMERCYxPRx:

    @GLAN12 HELP. My toothache hurts right now. not that much. its 7:24pm. do you think i can get to the doctor tomorrow. and the pain will go?

  • XxomgitscaseyxX:

    Tabasco works wonders. I SWEAR by it. Just soak a qtip in it and apply to the tooth/gums. Or, if it’s really infected/in pain, take a swish of it, hold 30 seconds, then spit out. 😉

  • LilBettafishy:

    How the hell am i gonna put it on my tooth when it hurts like fuck to OPEN my mouth??!

  • pikilegends:

    @Mikey1724 i hear ya man its no joke. i had a bad molar i neglected for a few years and now its fighting back. i broke my ankle a while back and i would break it again if it would make my toothache go away

  • tandurust:

    I think the home remedy for toothaches is wonderful. I did give some relief in pain and could get a good sleep. thanx

  • rachelchunter:

    I’m having it quite bad at the moment. Both my lower wisdom teeth are growing the wrong way and have to be extracted, only I have to wait for the hospital to contact me. In the meantime, I can’t even go to the normal dentist because I’m hypersensitive, so numbing injections don’t work on me (and the pain is 10 times stronger). I’ve just been avoiding foods that are too cold or hot and I’ve also been holding a hot water bottle to my face (because it sometimes seems to ease the pain). =o[

  • iInTenSioNzZ:

    this is happening the same to me i keep on waking up about 3 or 4 am in the morning

  • neroli528:

    ground clove powder and chewing cloves helps too.

  • therealstandaman:

    Thank you so much! Dentist offices are not open on the weekend! The nerve these guys think that folks have toothaches only Monday thru Friday

  • tekho:


  • castillorocky:

    this fcking toothache in the middle of the night is making me crazy..argh……

  • zerk666:

    heres an easier cure, don’t listen to this hippy

  • Mikey1724:

    i seriously wanna die cuz this shit hurts so bad
    i can’t take it

  • psychmaj323:

    @riverdean7 it’s only harmful in LARGE quantities, but a fingertip application or a drop here and there is fine

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