Hair Loss Products Distributor Fights Hair Loss with Natural Alternatives

(PRWEB) May 24, 2005, a leading distributor of hair loss products, believes that hair loss can be more effectively treated with natural remedies as opposed to medical hair loss solutions which can become quite costly. Natural hair loss products have similar results to medical alternatives and can be used by a greater range of people.

Add-Hair offers many natural hair loss products that are an affordable alternative solution to prescription drugs. It has been widely accepted that the main cause of hair loss is DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) and most hair loss remedies work by blocking DHT. Natural hair loss product s can block DHT without the side effects and the cost of prescription drugs and in some cases, the results are faster. In addition, unlike prescription drugs, women as well as men can use these DHT blocking hair loss products.

“We think itÂÂ’s important to not only offer natural hair loss products, but to educate consumers as well,” said David O’Brocki, Owner of “There are other, more natural alternatives that work just as well as the medical solutions, if not better.”

HairSoReal and Toppik are a few of the natural hair loss products Add-Hair provides its customers to prove that natural remedies are a viable option. These hair loss products are a natural cosmetic alternative to hair transplants, cost less, are pain-free, and have instant results.

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For over ten years,, a leading distributor of hair loss product s, has offered an affordable and safe natural solution to hair loss. All of their products carry a 100% money-back guarantee, and Add-Hair will work to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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