Guide to Real Vitamins & Minerals Your Biology Understands

Guide to Real Vitamins & Minerals Your Biology Understands

Guide to Real Vitamins & Minerals Your Biology Understands

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Home Page > Health > Nutrition > Guide to Real Vitamins & Minerals Your Biology Understands

Guide to Real Vitamins & Minerals Your Biology Understands

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Posted: Feb 27, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Only natural Vitamins and Minerals are recognised by your body. They are also better assimilated, absorbed, utilised and retained. So what have you been taking until now?

Most people are unaware that they are consuming isolated synthetic chemicals masquerading as vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C is NOT ascorbic acid, vitamin E is NOT Alpha tocopherol, vitamin A is NOT retinoic acid. In other words, what you are buying thinking they are vitamins. Some of these chemicals are being taken by people in high doses unaware that they could possibly cause harm. In fact, The American Kidney Association stated on their website that “Taking High doses of vitamin C supplements such as 500 mg or more a day on a regular basis has been shown to increase the risk of developing kidney stones in some people.”

Taking high doses of real vitamin C, in a food matrix, does not cause kidney stones,but synthetic chemicals, like ascorbic acid, that can’t be absorbed by the body may.

In 1937, the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to the father of nutritional science, Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi for discovering vitamin C. He was the first scientist to isolate the active ingredient of vitamin C in oranges and limes – ascorbic acid. It was known that these fruits could cure scurvy, which was a common disease in sailors and was caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

But he discovered something that shocked him. Scurvy patients recovered only when they consumed Vitamin C by eating whole oranges or limes. They did not recover when they were given the isolated active ingredient of vitamin C – ascorbic acid. He spent the next 60 years conducting scientific research trying to find out why.

And the reason StarGate Nutrition is proud to announce is this.

Simply put, a vitamin is not a single chemical but many chemicals working together delivering the health benefits. Without these, our bodies cannot function. A vitamin structure is made up of the following parts: nutrient, enzyme, co-enzyme, anti-oxidants and trace minerals. If any of these components are missing there is no vitamin activity – it’s as simple as that!

Did you know that……

Most people are also unaware that their diets are extremely deficient in minerals. This is due to a decline of minerals in the vegetables we are eating due to years of over-farming and environmental damage. In 1984 soil mineral levels were a fraction of the levels found in 1934 when the first scientific study was done on American soil.

These are some of the reasons you need to supplement with Stargate Nutrition Multivitamin, Minerals and Trace Elements – to ensure proper nutritional in-take and your optimal health. Taking single minerals on their own could leech minerals out of your bone structure. For real nourishment, this is another reason to take a combination vitamin, mineral and trace element formula which is in a food matrix. Each helps each other to function and keep your body in balance.

“There is only one major disease and that is malnutrition.”

-DW Cavanagh, MD of Cornell University

StarGate Nutrition Multivitamin, Mineral and Trace Element formula is a scientific breakthrough and unique formula developed by our in-house team of scientists and technologists using 27 years of scientific healthcare experience between them. Delivering natures benefits the way Mother Nature intended.

Copyright Ralph Quinlan Forde 2008

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Ralph Quinlan Forde
About the Author:

Ralph Quinlan Forde who is a Holistic Medicine Consultant. Ralph was awarded Biotechnology BSc(Hons) from The University of Reading. He was an entrepreneur at an early age and set up his first company Nephra Biotechnologies after just leaving University. He was awarded by the Department of Enterprise for this project and Shell LiveWire. He has written for over eight publications over 10 years and has specialised a great deal on health.The Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Herald, Tescos Magazine and The Irish Examiner are some examples.

His workshops have received great reviews and the participants have said that they really benefited from these courses. His first book The Book of Tibetan Medicine is being published worldwide in March 2008. His latest project is about the promotion and sale of real nutrients in order to prevent disease. He is very excited about

that he has founded and what it may be able to do to alleviate human suffering over the coming decades. The foundation also aims to conserve and preserve healing medical systems for future generations. He wants to harness peoples talents and direct them under this umbrella to benefit people world wide.

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