Offers Amazing Natural Home Remedy to Dissolve & Pass Kidney Stones in 12 Hours.

(PRWEB) March 8, 2005 announces a breakthrough home remedy for kidney stone sufferers. Kidney stones cause millions of people terrible pain, similar to getting stabbed in the back with a knife. Most people are told by their doctors to “drink plenty of water and take some pain pills…” and then wait for the horrible pain to, hopefully, end. Now there is a much better solution.

Instead of taking pain pills and getting surgery to remove stones, hundreds of people are now using a safe, natural home remedy to dissolve and pass their kidney stones — amazingly without any pain.

Robert Engelbrecht has successfully used this home remedy, and said recently “The other night I went to outpatient with pain that was unbearable. I had a CT scan and they found 1 stone, 4mm diameter located just above the bladder. The next day I followed your remedy, and, in a couple of hours, the stone passed!”

Another former kidney stone sufferer, Carl Lawrence, saved himself thousands of dollars and a lot of pain by using this remedy. “Your remedy saved me weeks of pain and doctor bills, not to mention the ordeal going through hospital procedures and stint removal etc.. I did not want to do that again and that’s what your remedy saved me from.”

Bob Gross found the remedy on, tried it, and said “The remedy smoothed the stone to make it pass without pain. I told my doctor about the remedy, and he said that it theoretically would work. It did.”

To dissolve and pass your kidney stones safely and naturally, please visit


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