Erma’s Nutrition announces sale of Kanwa MInerals, a Unique Detox Clay remedy to help Soothe Ulcers and Detoxify the Stomach

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Erma’s Nutrition announces sale of Kanwa MInerals, a Unique Detox Clay remedy to help Soothe Ulcers and Detoxify the Stomach

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 18, 2011

Erma’s Nutrition announces the sale of a unique line of detox clay remedies now available to Nassau Bay, Texas consumers. Kanwa Clay Remedies manufactured by Zion Health consist of a wide range of homeopathic products including healing clay skin care products, clay toothpaste, and edible clay detox tablets known to help alleviate ulcers, stomach pain and detoxify the body. Erma’s Nutrition is one of the first local health food stores in Houston, Texas to support the growing trend of natural health alternatives and homeopathic remedies.

Erma’s Nutrition is a local health food store located on 18045 Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay, Texas. Erma’s Natural Market has been supplying surrounding communities with “health with a-peel” since 1990. New customers are frequently surprised to discover such a treasure tucked into a quaint corner of the Nassau Bay Shopping Village, but a large, loyal and established customer base makes Erma’s the best-kept, well-known secret in town.

Aside from a large assortment of top-of-the-line vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies, Erma’s has recently added a new line of healing clay remedies that has attracted great attention. Zion Health’s clay remedies consist of a full line of Ancient Clay skin care products as well as Mineral Detox Teas and supplements known to help alleviate stomach pain, and heal ulcers. The product line utilizes a special type of edible clay called Kanwa which is found only in certain regions of the world where temperatures are extremely hot and the soil is enriched with abundant trace minerals.

” Our unique line of clay body care products contain essential minerals that are healthy to eat. Our Mineral Detox Tablets are supported by scientific studies proven to absorb harmful bacteria and heal ulcers naturally without any negative side effects. We are thrilled that a local store such as Erma’s is carrying our product.” , states Eddy Urbina sales manager for Zion Health.

“Texas consumers are looking for natural, healthy options for themselves and their families. It’s the reason why Erma’s business is growing, and why we are excited to see unique, alternative products like Zion Health’s clay remedies available in our local stores.” added Clara Owens, Natural Health Practitioner and customer.

Zion Health products consist of Healing Clay Creams, Clay Anti-Wrinkle Creams, Clay Acne Detox solutions, Clay Gum Healing Toothpastes, Natural Clay Deodorants, a Clay Exfoliating Body wash, Detox Supplements and Detox Teas. Kanwa Minerals scientifically termed calcium montmorillonite contain a combination of more than 60 trace minerals that are commonly consumed as a mineral supplement. Minerals applied to the skin have been known to heal a variety of skin ailments. Natural Health consumers may now purchase the full line of zion health products at Erma’s Nutrition in Nassau Bay, Texas or online at

Contact Details:

Mysla Pechardo

Email: Mysla(at)zionhealth(dot)net

Phone: 650-877-7330 x251



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