Dry Cough – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Treat dry cough with natural home remedies using either basil leaves or turmeric. For complete information check this short video from http://www.homeveda.co…
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25 Responses to “Dry Cough – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies”

  • Cuhn Fuhzed:

    You are amazing keep up the good work :D

  • Ajit Mondal:

    Thank you

  • danielamaria33333:

    i just discovered this. you are amazing!!!!!

  • Ajay chowdary nunna:


  • CuteChic011:

    It’s not like you’ll be drinking that for the rest of you life.

  • Valerian Dantis:

    great video….gracias

  • seinasafi:

    How to treat dry cough for kids ?

  • Pooh an:

    thank you so much

  • nasses321:

    I had this airdryer in my room cause my room is always crazy humid but i
    noticed it have me crazy dry cough after i have had a quite small cold.

  • Andi Hudaya:

    This still surprise me, how a lot of people don’t know about Sinuzolax
    Miracle (google it), even though many people completely cure their sinus
    naturally with this remedy. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about
    Sinuzolax Miracle, I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment for good by
    using natural ways.

  • awhecknaw123:

    The same as for adults, you have to change the lifestyle and overall diet,
    meaning no sugar, junk food so on, and add things like honey everyday,
    garlic, aloe Vera juice ect. Ect.

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    Thats fantastic!

  • Titin Kartini:

    Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many
    people keep on talking about Uritrafe Remedy (just google it), but I’m not
    sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried home remedy called Uritrafe
    Remedy? I have heard several amazing things about it and my cooworker
    completely cures his UTI safely with this remedy.

  • awhecknaw123:

    Just give your immune system enough nutrients to become stronger and fight
    off the sickness, only eat whole foods, no dairy, no meat, try to cut down
    on heavy proteins, eat yogurt, eat raw honey everyday, eat garlic everyday,
    olive oil, raw organic fruits and vegetables, and a lot of vitamin c, look
    for natural vitamins, not the ones with isolated chemicals and minerals.

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    Welcome! Do check out our site homeveda.com

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    you may want to check our website – homeveda.com

  • laike fogg:

    The preview not the actual video

  • awhecknaw123:

    Waittt a minute!! Doesn’t turmeric dry out your throat even more? Plus it
    stains your teeth yellow just like soda. And butter has diary which would
    cause production of more mucus. Also, sugar will cause your blood sugar
    levels to go up and hinder the healing process. Could you give me some
    insight as to why you used these ingredients?

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    Wow! love you for sharing that.. 🙂 gracias.. 😛

  • Parthena Athanasiades:

    bienvenidos means welcome

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    bienvenido.. is that correct spanish ? 🙂

  • Carlos Monsalve:

    what you mean to say is “de nada” that is a more common answer to “gracias”
    “Bien Venido” is used to welcome someone into your home or any other place.
    you could also say “con gusto” meaning “my pleasure” or “no hay problema”
    meaning “no problem” or “por nada” meaning ” for nothing” 😉 BTW thanks for
    your awesome videos. 🙂

  • awhecknaw123:

    If its related to a allergy as the doctors think, then your solution is to
    simply take care of your immune system and your immune system will fix the
    rest. So Ankur, eat food that helps your immune system and try to do a
    detoxification. Do a google search for “foods for the immune system”, and
    do a juice fast or add fresh raw fruits and vegetables into your diet, you
    can also use Ayurveda.

  • Hanna Herman:

    My entire life was basically wrecked because of pimples for quite some
    time. It was actually so severe that I made an effort to shut myself away.
    I used all kinds of things I was able to obtain, nonetheless it failed.
    Afterward I came across the Acne Executioner blog (Google it) and I’d at
    long last stumbled upon something which has worked. It’s strange but I
    quite like looking at images of me for the very first time ever. It rocks.

  • Jamila Zayeed:

    can we choose any one remedy or all 3 ?

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