BQuick Nutrition Announces Newly Branded BURN Clarinol CLA Powder

BQuick Nutrition Announces Newly Branded BURN Clarinol CLA Powder

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Madisonville, Louisiana (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

BQuick Nutrition is pleased to announce new branding and packaging for one of its most popular products – BQuick BURN Clarinol CLA Powder. The new packaging has been designed to educate the general public about the many benefits of the product when it comes to weight management and building lean muscle mass. As well as having a contemporary new look, the packaging will now detail product benefits, supplement facts, and nutritional information – making it easier for customers to choose the product when deciding on the right supplement for their personal goals.

BQuick BURN Clarinol CLA Powder has been scientifically proven to help reduce body fat, and increase the amount of muscle on the body – making it effective for males and females who are committed to achieving their body transformation goals. Other benefits of BQuick BURN Clarinol CLA Powder include assisting with blood sugar stabilization, aiding with cholesterol level, maintaining a healthy physique and improving the composition of the body. BQuick Burn is an antioxidant that contains only 100% pure conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and is free from Gluten. The product is also suitable for vegetarians and those on non-dairy and non-GMO diets, as well as being Halal certified and Kosher certified. Its antioxidant properties can also help to improve the cardiovascular system.

CLA is an all natural ingredient that has been derived from safflower oil, and research suggests that 3 grams of CLA consumed on a daily basis can help to reduce body fat in as little as 8 weeks. BQuick BURN Clarinol CLA Powder complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as quality control standards. The product is most effective when incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise plan.

BQuick Founder, Brandt Quick, comments on the new packaging. ” We’re excited that the new branded materials will showcase nutritional information more prominently on the packaging of BQuick BURN Clarinol CLA Powder. This makes it easier for customers to recognize all the benefits of this natural supplement.”

This information will also be displayed on the BQuick Nutrition online store, so customers can learn about the ingredients and benefits of the product before they make a purchase. The newly designed 4.25 oz (120 g) tubs will now replace older packaging, and includes the BQuick Nutrition logo on the top of the packaging, as well as a green-and-black color scheme.


BQuick Nutrition specialize in nutritional endurance supplements of the highest quality, all of which focus on improving nutritional aspects of health. Their products can help you perform better when training, and can provide your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs on a daily basis. With products ranging from sports endurance products to weight management blends, BQuick Nutrition understands that not all nutritional supplements are manufactured in the same way. That’s why all their ingredients have nutritional value, and are free from artificial fillers and additives. The company is based in Louisiana, and adhere to the strictest safety standards when manufacturing their products.

For more information about the new packaging of Clarinol, or for sales and press inquiries, please visit or call 1-855-TRY-BQUICK(855-879-2784).

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