Bio Green Reike Design Energy Pendant

Bio Green Reike Design Energy Pendant

  • Our pendant has fm 2500 to 3500 neg ions
  • Neg Ions – the refreshing smell after a lightning storm
  • Longitudinal Energy-Jewelry, but yet it helps to improve your health
  • Beware of low priced knock offs. You may be buying nothing.
  • Only Quantum BioPhysics’ products are Guaranteed Radioactive Free from this offering.

Quantum BioPhysics (QBP) is a US Corporation. We market only products that have been tested & certified radiation free. QBP has a radiation test certificate. This site was originated by Quantum BioPhysics and all other sellers who have attached to this marketing site, maybe selling non tested KNOCK OFF products. Our Scalar Energy Pendant is a wearable handmade jewelry made from special Japanese volcanic lava and contains 70 Natural Cosmic Energy Minerals, manufactured & processed under extreme t


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