Bimini LLC Launches Additional Bimini?s Best? Dog Health Treats; Made in the USA

Bimini LLC Launches Additional Bimini’s Best™ Dog Health Treats; Made in the USA

(PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Pet owners worried about the recent news of tainted treats and those who are looking for alternatives to treats made with “filler” ingredients should know that Bimini’s Best™ treats are made in their entirety in the USA, with only three human grade organic, gluten-free ingredients and a vitamin. The new treats contain organic oats and either organic apples and organic cranberries with the anti-oxidant nutrient vitamin E or organic sweet potatoes and organic apples with the anti-oxidant nutrient vitamin E. The treats are also low fat, corn and soy free. For the smaller dog, or dogs requiring a lower caloric intake, Bimini LLC has announced the release of all four of their dog health treat flavors in smaller bite versions – their Petite Dog line.

Only three simple ingredients plus a vitamin have led to rave reviews from dog owners. Said Ken Mulliken, owner of Foster, an Australian Shepherd, in Ashland, Oregon, “He likes all four flavors equally. The fact that he will eat any of them came as a real surprise because I have never had him eat other treats. Usually he just looks at them and then gives me a look like, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” There is something special about yours that makes him want to eat them.”

All the treats and the company’s health supplements are available for purchase from the company’s website, and from The products are also available from many reputable independent pet stores (for a store near you please see The new flavors and Petite Dog treats add new lines to Bimini’s product catalog, joining their existing treat flavors and health supplements for Dog Hip and Joint Health and Cat Kidney Health all under the Bimini’s Best™ brand. “The two new treat flavors as well as our petite versions are exciting new additions for the company and represent only one small step in our future vision for growth of Bimini,” according to Managing Director, Dr. Sam Al-Murrani, who is looking forward to introducing more products soon. He encourages any retailer interested in stocking their products or interested distributors to contact the company through their website or by calling 800-948-9089.

About Bimini, LLC.

Bimini develops differentiated health supplements and health treats for the independent pet store channel and individual consumers. The supplements are designed to support the health and function of organ systems in adult and aging pets alike. They are made with natural active ingredients that are backed by published science and formulated in a tasty chew format that pets love to eat. Bimini’s health treats come in biodegradable packaging and are made with only three human grade ingredients and are certified gluten-free. They are also low-fat, soy-free and corn-free and with either vitamin C or E and contain no fillers. All Bimini LLC products are sourced and manufactured in the USA. For more information, please visit the company’s website.


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