Ayurveda Herbal Remedy for Regulating Blood Sugar

Contributed by India Herbs (www.india-herbs.com) The term diabetes is derived from the Greek word diabaínein that literally means “passing through,” or “siphon”, a reference to one of diabetes’ major symptoms—excessive urine production. Because insulin is the principal hormone…
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10 Responses to “Ayurveda Herbal Remedy for Regulating Blood Sugar”

  • aparaajita10:

    @sweetlilai when a person is cured, s/he does not go back to the doctor. The doctor gets paid only if a patient comes to him. So what is the incentive to cure the person? It is more profitable to “manage” the symptoms rather than “cure” the problem. & food is not a prime issue, for the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off it. Has any one ever seen healthy organic fresh food on sale? It is always the heavily processed months old cooked to death food that’s on sale.

  • aparaajita10:

    @RARB1977 The modern western medicine system, along with the pharmaceutical industry together now control everything, except the health problems & diseases. I have yet to see one medicine, just one medicine, in the millions they have developed, that cure without causing another caused from its side effects. And they keep telling you to eat the wall paper paste & keep going to 3rd world countries to destroy their lands that grow the life nurturing plants & trees.& putting polluting factories

  • TheNaturaltreatment:

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  • donotfret:

    Your exactly right! Stem cell research is very opposed because it will cure diabetes

  • OhmgrownCron:

    lol i always tell people that, Ayurveda kicks ass!

  • sweetlilai:

    Someone told me that their is more money in diseases than in cures. Remedies that are not conventional to me tend to work better than medicines such as pills.

  • RARB1977:

    western medicine is nothing but a scam. its run by the Big Pharma companies wich control just about everything else in the health system, they control the information wich is given to doctors, they control the information that the state gives to its citizens, and also control the politicians making Big Pharma owners of the concept of health.

  • OhmgrownCron:

    Ayurveda 5000 years, Western Medicine a century or so….

    Ayurveda > Western Medicine
    oh ya im gonna trust a drug that worked on a rat….. Ayurveda doctors test thier medicine on them selves. But im a rat so im gonna go with the western… fuck western medicine and its corruption!

  • immaculateboy:

    The western way of healing is to give yourself pills for every single problem you can think of. Pumping yourself full of those isn’t going to get you anywhere except into more problems.
    Its not mystical either, its a way of life. Meditation, which is a central piece of Ayurveda (which is what I think you’re refering to as “mystical”) is nothing more than a way to bring calmness to any busy western lifestyle. Meditation is a great way to lower your blood pressure, go look it up.

  • immaculateboy:

    Be careful. Obviously, something like Ayurveda that has lasted for 5000 years has some kind of effectiveness. Just try not to judge things so quickly. 🙂

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