Are Vitamin Supplements A Scam? Wake Up America #7

Be My Friend – Are Vitamin Supplements A Scam? Wake Up America #7 Related Videos Wake Up America # 1, Food Supply and Health Care Conspiracy Wake Up America #2, Science of Profit, Corporate Takeover of Science Wake Up America # 3, GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, Wake Up America #4, What Doctors Don’t Know Wake Up America #5, No More Health Care Choice Making Nutrition Illegal! Wake Up America #6 \ Visit Radhia’s Website at Visit Peter McCarthy’s website Visit Texas Health Freedom Coalition Peter McCarthy is theChief Executive Officer and Wellness Director of Life Energy Holistic Partners, Inc. and holds the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health. Radhia Gleis is certified in Clinical Nutrition, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional Analyst. Music by John Richter This video was produced by Psychetruth http Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2008 AHI Productions. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

26 Responses to “Are Vitamin Supplements A Scam? Wake Up America #7”

  • gfscarface13:

    @solomondo619 Where can I find Usana Health Sciences?
    I’ve been taking Centrum for a year now. Doctor recommended me them.

  • gfscarface13:

    Whats wrong with Subway?

  • misscoconuts2u:

    I find it harder and harder to find mom and pop restaurants. I love my veggies and fruits. Has anyone noticed when your driving on an interstate…ALL THE SIGNS ARE FOR MC DONALDS, BURGER KING, ETC? Open your eyes and minds. Stop eating at these food corporations. They are NOT real food! And these corporations have killed America!

  • ThePsychoticScyth396:

    imo kids can grow up just fine without all that stupid vitimen suppliment shit.

  • Atom299:

    “All I eat are veggies. Every color..Beans and grains. …It’s easy. It’s M E G A cheap. Its right.”
    That’s fine if your healthy like that but only one third of Americans can can do that.
    The other 2 thirds NEED animal foods.
    Check out Dr Mercola for more info.

  • Atom299:

    “the life expectancy of human beings in the USA is higher than it’s ever been”
    No it’s not. Do your research and remember. Keeping zombies alive well past their sell-by date doesn’t count.

  • UniversalMinded:

    I hate it when people say ”I dont like vegetables”or ”I cant eat that nasty food” just because it’s not highly processed or from McDonalds which is the very kind of food that’s causing diabetes and heart disease in America.If people would start eating healthy then in a short time their body would get used to it and they would no longer want these unhealthy foods.

  • CheckinGagaiNagain:

    Cadmiun (mercury)= poison for white flOur(refined flour) (for a longer shelf life)!!!
    GMOs corn etc…
    nO wOnder people getting fat and SICK(dying slowly) from it.

  • xOwneDTBHx:

    @airste172 if its all doom and gloom why are cancers, diseases, allergies and sickness at its highest its ever been and increasing every year

  • airste172:

    The video is nothing but a bunch of gloom and doom hype, yet the life expectancy of human beings in the USA is higher than it’s ever been.

  • SpaceMan131326:

    Wake Up America your in the depopulation Programs, Sue China for the years of poisoning you and stop shopping at Wal Mart or China mart, Fight back and know how your poisoned,

  • Johnny5tx:

    I am providing a link so you can learn more about this company Advocare, I am a full-time fitness professional and happen to be a distributor for this company. Advocare is a 16 year old company based out of Dallas, Texas that sells safe and effective supplementation for wellness and sports performance. Check on our site to learn more about our supplements and our opportunity


  • Damnationization:

    I like you two, but think your sometimes to wordy. Your information is great. Thank you. 🙂

  • cornchild1:

    What else did you do the other night ? 😉

  • DominickBlack:



    I’m not rich and I eat better than most! It’s a lot less expensive to eat vegetarian. HELLO!!!? You know???

    All I eat are veggies. Every color..Beans and grains. …It’s easy. It’s M E G A cheap. Its right.

  • BellaaMarlene:

    im not supporting pharma companies but vitamin industried are a big business too. their supplements are so expensive you’ll save more money on REAL food. you were not desgined to eat synthetic vitamins that will mostly get peed out anyway b/c they cant be fully absorbed.
    theres no real excuse to not eat healthy…expect laziness or junk food addiction

  • jrocjams:

    @MrSpieldose awsome pockets got all the food groups and mcdonalds is pretty tasty

  • fedtheend:

    Crushed granite or Azomite, the commerical variety of crushed granite, can be added to compost of organic gardens. I do it with my wheatgrass flats, which incidentally are rediculously easy to grow. I think supplements are great for the meantime, but I need to find out about edible weeds n such, both for economic and the impossibility of supplement companies to prolong the shelf life of some nutrients, it just isn’t possible.

  • fedtheend:

    I think it is wise to realize that even whole food supplement companies cannot do magic and make certain nutrients have a long shelf life. for example, wheatgrass powder, sold as a probiotic ingredient is almost certainly useless compared to fresh wheatgrass juice.

  • lirochka5:

    Went do my food shopping I don’t know what to buy. or it’s too expensive or it’s cheap and it’s poison . My opinion is that almost all american food is poison, even its said organic. You never had organic food, so you don’t know how it’s taste. Poor are you. I know what is organic, and I have lived here for few year. And I want normal food, how you still get health it’s amazing!!!! I’m personally never gonna food in Mcdonalds, it’s not food it’s something else, but not food.

  • RandyBful1:

    Like the title says; WAKE UP! Big Pharma hates competition. They want ALL vitamins banned, so they can peddle their “synthetic” poisons. Unless you’re rich, you can’t possibly get all the nutrition from the food you eat and since 80% of the daily intake of North American’s is “fast food” and processed food (even more, in many cases), you need supplements. I’ve been taking supplements for decades and I will continue as long as they’re available and I can afford them.

  • lQueenBl:

    Unless you eat a healthy balanced diet filled with fruits & veggies, and your getting all your nutirents through whole foods, you need vitamins.

  • Vokio:

    Its funny that theres a supplements ad on the right

  • EagleIntuition:

    Sure, they want you to believe that vitamins don’t help your body at all! How else can they get those nasty chemicals into your body without giving you some immunity to them?

  • ronaldreika:

    i eat a balanced diet, hepitisis forced me to look at my diet. i was told to vary my colors. red beets, green salad, etc. i still eat a candy bar a few times a week. the key is in moderation. supersize me: never!!! stretch,walk stretch. it’s all part of the health puzzle. tnx u guys

  • yassin0701:

    tnk you viri mach

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