Alternative Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – 3 Effective Ways To Help Bv

Alternative Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – 3 Effective Ways To Help Bv

If you have BV, you may have already tried conventional treatments such as antibiotics and over the counter creams and lotions. Sadly, most of us find that these are no more than temporary fixes and the very nature of this condition means that it can be difficult to deal with conventionally.

However, alternative remedies for bacterial vaginosis can be used to great effect and a quick internet search will reveal many different options. However, like most things in life, some are better than others and three of the best are

1. Probiotic Yogurt

“Probiotic” is a microbe which protects its host and helps prevent disease. The best known probiotic is Lactobacillus acidophilus, and this is the one found in live yogurt. Soaking a tampon in this yogurt and leaving it in place in the vagina for an hour or two can help to replenish the vagina’s depleted supplies of beneficial bacteria. Although some advice advocates eating the yogurt, this is great for the gut, but there is little evidence to suggest that the protective properties can cross the gut into the vagina

2. Tea Tree Oil

The full benefits of this natural oil are really only becoming known. It can be used for all manner of conditions, including treating scabies and headlice and it has very few side effects when used correctly. Alternative remedies for bacterial vaginosis often recommend using tea tree oil to kill off the harmful bacteria which has grown in the vagina. It can either be used well-diluted in a bath, or can be bought in pessary form specifically for the purpose

3. Cider Vinegar

This very inexpensive culinary ingredient is mildly acidic and has a pH level which mirrors that of a healthy vagina. If you have BV, one of the consequences is that the pH level of your vagina will have shifted from a healthy mildly acidic level to an unhealthy alkaline. Adding a couple of cups to a shallow bath can help restore balance

As with many natural remedies, the key is to use a range of strategies which together can be very powerful. Used in isolation, alternative remedies for bacterial vaginosis can certainly help but the very nature of BV means that a multi-faceted approach is necessary.

There is an excellent, robust strategy which is guaranteed to work and which has helped many thousands of women worldwide be completely free of BV for good. If you would like to see further details of alternative remedies for bacterial vaginosis, please Click Here Now.

Miriam is a writer, concentrating mainly on female health-related issues. She only recommends products after thoroughly checking them out and ensuring that customer satisfaction levels are high.

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