Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : Natural Treatments for Asthma Symptoms

Natural treatments for asthma symptoms should always be approved by a doctor due to the dangerous nature of an asthma attack. Consider treating mild asthma a…
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15 Responses to “Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : Natural Treatments for Asthma Symptoms”

  • Sapta Nugraha:

    Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on
    talking about Asthozilax Secrets (google it), but I’m not sure if it is
    good. Have you ever tried home remedy called Asthozilax Secrets? I have
    heard several amazing things about it and my cousin completely relief his
    asthma naturally with this remedy.

  • Mighty Max:

    Dont Forget Exercise, Start slow if you have bad asthma but you need to get
    your cardiovascular system up. I recommend running by Water or in the Woods
    around Trees. Good Luck

  • asthmaremedieswork:

    Interesting information where can I get these herbs from?

  • Mighty Max:

    not really, but you can research Lungwort, Coltsfoot, Mullien Herbs. I used
    these for a period of 1 month and could feel the benefits, you also may
    want to stay hydrated, tea seems to dehydrate me anyways. Also by Alkaline
    the body, is very helpful for Healing Asthma. This is what the herbs are
    doing anyways. But you want Green Vegetables, I use a Nutribullet: Kale,
    Spinach, Carrots and Berries. This also Helps with my Asthma. Also
    Meditation if you know how, with the Heart Chakra and EFT.

  • masoodpic:

    thanks where from i can get this

  • pinolero13:

    you know any good websites that talk about herbal treatments for asthma?

  • Leona Rose:

    @asthmaremedieswork Iherb sells this and Lomatium too

  • sukhraj virdee:

    guys visit my blog: we discuss natural
    asthma remedies here

  • pinolero13:

    she probably tokes up.

  • Mighty Max:

    Forget Doctors, I know more about asthma then the average doctor. The
    medicine they give you is bad, yet they still give it to you making you
    dependent on it. They will never tell you about Herbs, Clearing your
    Chakras and other natural way’s to heal your body. They just want you to
    get your regular check ups so they can get paid.

  • Mighty Max:

    again…. you might want to buy some Natural Sea Salt. Take a little on
    your finger, put it on your tongue and Drink some Water with it to wash it
    down. you will feel your breathing open up. I use this before I go running.
    Sorry for all the posts.

  • Rosemary Bee:

    Thank you, this information is helpful and a very pleasant delivery!

  • Imran Khan:

    This is wonderful and black onion seeds are a great way to reverse asthma
    and for more see that helps guide people with all types of
    medical issues

  • Herbal Organic Treatment:
  • Herbal Organic Treatment:

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