Alternative Medicine & Fasts : How to Do a Liver & Gallbladder Flush Fast

A liver and gallbladder flush fast requires eating apples and drinking apple cider before the flush, then drinking a mixture of water and Epsom salts before ingesting a half cup of olive oil and grapefruit juice. Do a liver and gallbladder flush to cleanse out debris from the liver withhealth information from a chiropractor and addictionologist in this free video on fasting. Expert: Kim Makoi Bio: Dr. Kim Makoi has been a chiropractor in San Francisco for more than 11 years. He is also certified in addictionology. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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25 Responses to “Alternative Medicine & Fasts : How to Do a Liver & Gallbladder Flush Fast”

  • FrankRocko:

    @95thity how does one to a colon cleanse? And do you do it before or after this?

  • FrankRocko:

    @myrawadventure hi. can i please ask, have you continued doing the flush? Is it still as beneficial as when you first posted this comemnt?

  • FrankRocko:

    @ralegria16 did you do the flush? How did it go? Are you still having spasms?

  • FrankRocko:

    @revokedknowledge why do you need a gallbladder exactyl? What does it do?

  • skybart:

    @95thity What is ultraphos? I’ve never heard of it.

  • aman00777:

    what the hell was that sound at 1:50 lmao

  • BellaaMarlene:

    i did few flushes & got out green stones bigger than an inch the first time….but i still cant digest any fat & i am suffering all b/c

  • DaishiGajo:

    @DaishiGajo *in no way*

  • DaishiGajo:

    All I can attest to is the relief of pain experienced since I finished one of these. I am in way a doctor. Medicine requires evidence of result. This is only a testimony. I had been suffering from a gallstone attack, mostly minor, every month since September. I had a truly severe one in January. I began to consume Coptis and Curama with intent to finish off with a flush. I never did the flush and had a second attack. In response I finished with the flush and have had no problems or pain since.

  • mermaidstar7:

    wait first of all what’s a gallbladder flush? Is it a good thing or bad? Does it flush out the toxins thats found in our liver?

  • muzimuzi:

    before you did that? did u have a liver stagnation? is that the reason u performed liver flush from first?

  • ralegria16:

    I heard somewhere you need to do a parasite cleanse prior to the liver flush. Is this true? I’ve been having liver/gallbladder spasms for the past 4 nights! I need immediate attention. Can I just do this flush now? Thanks

  • lycurgusandnuma:

    GUYS—I had gallstones for two years and had them recently surgically removed. If you are having a sharp, awful, aching pain in your upper right abdomen you are probably experiencing a gallstone attack (in which a gallstone gets lodged in the canal leading to the stomach). DO NOT use the cleanse in the video! The “stones” they claim you will pass ARE NOT GALLSTONES; when the acid in the stomach combines with the oil and lemon juice, it calcifies into things that only LOOK like gallstones.

  • evil1dwk:

    Hulda Clark is a quack.

  • evil1dwk:

    Mixing equal volumes of oleic acid (the major component of olive oil) and citric acid (lemon juice or grape fruit juice) and potassium hydroxide solution (salt) produced semi solid white balls. After air drying at room temperature, these balls became quite solid.

    The flush causes the stones. They are not produced by your body and then flushed. If you had that many small stones in your gall bladder you would know about it. I would suggest a simple ultrasound before a “liver cleanse.”

  • TruthUnmasked:

    you said one thing to do ahead of a flush is to eat apples? how many would you say per day/week? before the flush.

  • ozonatedman:

    Sorry to hear that you had surgery. I think most doctors are naive about the flush. Unfortunately some that are familiar with the flush don’t tell you about it because surgery means big bucks. How much did you have to pay?

  • myrawadventure:

    If you have gallstones, this WORKS! Absolutely. Follow the protocol and you will get relief and be stronger afterwards. I had to go to the ER at 4AM several months ago because of a gallstone attack. Dr. recommended surgery. I tried this instead and DANG if it didn’t flush out over 400 stones and MAN I feel better. No more food allergies, breathing better no more reflux. It’s a blessing =)!

  • revokedknowledge:

    @bigblackhomie23 if you follow the protocol which I did there is NO pain.

    It has cured my acid reflux, insomnia and allergies.

  • revokedknowledge:

    @cuddles50 yes it is safe. I’ve done 6 liver flushes since I had my (regretful) surgery.

  • revokedknowledge:

    @ScaryCannibalTrout1 if you are asking if the flush is supposed to hurt, if done properly and you followed a protocol no. I got my instructions from my N.D. I’ve done 6 flushes and I don’t have a gall bladder. What ever you do DO NOT get gall bladder surgery. No matter what the doc says YOU DO need your gall bladder. I didn’t know any of this till it was too late. I would do anything to get it back. Including gallbladder transplant. Biggest mistake of my life getting that surgery!

  • ScaryCannibalTrout1:

    One time I got some of that unfiltered apple juice just to drink and after two days of drinking it I got diarrhea and then a gallbladder attack that hurt like hell. Is the flush supposed to hurt like an attack? Or is an attack actually the movement of stones? I’d like to know how this works before trying anything.

  • 95thity:

    Do the liver flushes as you need to, and remember the colon cleanse is also important because the parasites hide their eggs in the plaque on the colon walls. You have to do that to get rid of all the parasites that are causing this problem in the first place. Then stay away from the chemical poisons.

  • 95thity:

    You can do either the Hulda Clark liver flush or the modification of the Sam Biser flush. Sam Biser was in with Dr. Richard Schulze. Both flushes work, but the ES can be dehydrating if you’re real sick and need to do the flushes close together. Your body can use the magnesium sulfate, too., so you can add a TBSP to a cup of water and do that after flush to get the debris out of your digestive system. Been there and done it.

  • 95thity:

    Dont be scared. Just make sure you’re killing parasites off all the time you’re doing this. It doesnt hurt. I passed stones 2 inches long. Big chunk of drug debris the size and a half of a coffee cup with one flush.

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