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Be My Friend – When treating a patient we strive to provide more than just rapid relief of your immediate symptoms. We focus on your overall health examining nutritional, metabolic, immune, hormonal, structural, and any toxicological factors in which you may be involved. Through a personal and comprehensive examination, we try to get to the source of your condition enabling you to restore your health. We also look at emotional and psychological factors as these create the background which shapes every aspect of your health and well-being. Most conditions whether it involves heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches, chronic infections, allergies, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause, autism, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. are manageable if the underlying causes are more fully understood. That doesn’t mean we only use the latest fad or herb to cover up your symptoms. Rather, we apply scientific principles in a practical and logical way to solve your medical needs. That means asking the right questions, careful listening, complete examinations of your physical and biochemical state and understanding how you function within your own environment. If necessary, select labs that identify your nutritional needs, allergies, hormonal status, metabolic efficiency, etc. can be performed. When it is all put together, a practical and personalized plan will be agreed upon that is designed to not only get rid of symptoms you don’t have to
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Learn some new ways to maintain your Diabetes! How herbal supplements and vitamins can work in your diabetic diet.

42 Responses to “Alternative Health – Functional Medicine”

  • lavernedi:

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  • MrFrosty1235:

    Fuctional Medicines main goal is to make sure your ATM is functional for all the tests and the vitamins you are going to have to buy to get yourself functional, as a whole person, as in a whole lot of money.

  • HealthMedical2008:

    Alternative H-S-K products are very popular nowadays in beauty field and medical treatment clinics.

    Main Products: Iriscope, Colon Therapy, Beauty Digital Hair and Skin Equipment Intra Oral Camera, Far Infrared Therapy, Foot Reflexology , Music Therapy and so on.

  • EuphoricLiquid:

    “chemical incarceration” well put.

  • tnfellow:

    Hydrangea root and marshmellow root have been proven to relieve pain assoc. with urinary tract / kidney stones in minutes and will dissolve most stones within a few days,,, for about $25,,, research it then u decide

  • deetsjazz:

    could you be more specific?

  • civver3:

    SCAM proponents are hilarious.

  • pax80a:

    what’s the difference between functional and orthomolecular medicine?

  • danger0usknowledge:

    Check out “The UltraMind Solution” by
    Mark Hyman MD or how to “fix a broken brain”
    by treating depression & anxiety AS SYSTEMIC CONDITIONS, not strictly as mental illnesses.
    He talks a lot about using magnesium in treating anxiety/ depression. He might use IV magnesium injection b/c that is the best delivery. The 2nd best delivery is by using the skin. It’s called
    transdermal magnesium chloride in a foot bath
    for 1/2 hr. Unlike Epsom salts it will last 24 hrs
    by relaxing the body & mind.

  • greggb777:


    True, except if you have hidden infections or toxicity from mercury or pesticides, or if you have a nutrient poor diet your positive mental state is under attack from more than just emotional issues. Functional Medicine also includes mind-body – attacking the problem from both ends – although you are correct that he omitted that.

  • wycieczka1:

    He does not mention about mental state of people/mental stress-anger,resentment, hate fear etc/which is the most importent of all/If person is happy perfect health follows/

  • miggerish:

    Thank you for spreading the information to help people!

  • muzicaljeanyus:

    As a CAM provider (massage) I VERY VERY VERY thankful for the information and all the vids I’ma adding you as a friend on “myspace” and subscribing to your channel….Very valuable info I recommend EVERYONE do the same…again thank you very much!!

  • swflgrrl:

    Thank you so much for this very relevant information. I’m leaving my psychiatrist of 12years in order to find a doc near me who practices functional medicine.

  • MccainsaLIBERAL:

    You need to Watch this YT video, You will win any Debate with a Meat Eater every time GUARANTEED !

    We’ve ALL been lied to about Protein , you do Not need anywhere Near the Amount you’ve been told, THAT IS A FACT !

    just type in : PROTEIN MYTH, by Tim van Orden,

    He’s Vegan in Excellent Health and Fitness, Training for USA Olympic Running Team !

  • kevinbell12345:

    This is a good video. I like it very much. Aslo a site called pubspa has many interesting vidoes, useful information and knowldge.

  • verdegumby:

    This is what everyone needs to realize that
    our western medicine only treats the symptoms
    but does not deal with the real problem to begin with.While all drugs are toxic, I believe in alternatives that fix the problem
    while not creating many new problems called side effects.What we are doing with health care today is for example we dont want to pay a few dollars to change the oil in the car and wait untill the entire engine needs to be replaced.Think abut this.

  • iHealthTube:

    A great video. 5 Stars. People need to start taking control of their own health by learning more about natural or “alternative” medicine.

  • esdtenis:

    chiropractors have excellent training programs and for all but the serious of illnesses (source:mercola(dot)com/newdoctor)

  • esdtenis:

    would you then side with the insurance companies who refuse pharmaceutical treatments? For prescriptions meds, it seems pharmaceutical and insurance companies would be at odds with each other.

  • lilears4:

    actually he is a Chiropractic Physician… he knows it stuff quite well.

  • itsrtime:

    Very interesting. I know people who can’t read that never bother with labels.

  • shovland:

    The best thing I’ve found for the physical side of depression is the Omeaga-3 EPA, plus lots of therapy for the other parts.

  • shovland:

    It would be very ground-breaking to the average MD, who knows very little about the role of nutrition in maintaining health.

  • psychetruth:

    unfortunately, it is far more profitable to treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals over an extended period of time than to cure the problem and the need for pharmaceuticals. Every time a problem is cured through nutrition or alternative health or life style changes, Pharma loses money.

  • ayushmaanpharma:

    Its true that still No cure for Diabetes….But “Diabetes itself is not a disease but uncontrolled and mismanaged Diabetes is a disease”. When a person gets diagnosed for diabetes he find himself hanging between a bundles of Allopathic drugs and herbal supplements. The best way is to look on some “logical scientific diet” & a natural ingredients which can control Blood Sugar levels. Till now only Ayushmaan Pharmaceuticals has launched a product which is a combination of both things diet & drug

  • ayushmaanpharma:

    Its true that still No cure for Diabetes….But “Diabetes itself is not a disease but uncontrolled and mismanaged Diabetes is a disease”. When a person gets diagnosed for diabetes he find himself hanging between a bundles of Allopathic drugs and herbal supplements. The best way is to look on some “logical scientific diet” & a natural ingredients which can control Blood Sugar levels. Till now only Ayushmaan Pharmaceuticals has launched a product which is a combination of both things diet & drug.

  • jessups11:

    This is complete bulloney. Go to your doctor and get medical treatment not hocus pocus, such shite. People like this lady should receive prison terms

  • JLeeMagnetic:

    I suggest alex chiu’s magnetic discovery for diabetes

  • JackassBauer1:

    i advise you, DONT GO ON THAT WEBSITE, this cure would screw biopharma industries and drive this world to an economic implosion !!!!!

  • crangdaniel:

    A growing BIG problem is that people surf the web and search symptoms that match what they think they have.
    This symptom seeking without broader medical understanding leads to hypocondria.
    We are pros in seeking information just not in understanding how to use the information.
    In order to use the information we need to understand the typical relation/conection between things.
    Thats where a doctor comes in handy.

  • DianeSumler:

    L-Glutamine (1,000mg) stops sugar cravings.

  • DianeSumler:

    L-Glutamine (1,000mg) stops sugar cravings.

  • foodmatterstv:

    See safe alternatives to treating diabetes at foodmatters[dot]tv

  • ernietube1:

    A low carb diet decreases the need to take any medication. High carbohydrate diet only imposes a need for insulin to suppress high blood glucose levels. Proteins and fats do not rise blood sugar levels while ANY carbohydrate does cause blood sugar “spikes”.
    Diabetes Diet, Dr. Bernstein’s Low-Carbohydrate Solution, Richard K. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.C.E., F.A.C.N., C.W.S., FACCWS.
    Hope helps

  • Melvisly:

    The R lipioc acid is the best one to take, it defiantly brings my sugars down to normal range, i am diabetic 2, you must be very carefull taking it with drugs like metformin, that reduce sugars as well.

  • LordFancourt:

    I just found out I have type II diabetes and I’m collecting all the good sense information I can to attack it on all fronts. Thanks for posting this interview and really good questions for the doctor. I am taking all of the things you talk about in this video – chromium, magnesium/calcium, alpha lipoic acid. MSM, too. I really like the idea of using a cinnamon stick in the tea. And may I say, you are a great host. I’m going to check out your site.

  • edwong3:

    Well it takes “one to know one”. Standard medicine is full of bullshit quackery too.

  • ReligionIsACrutch:

    bullshit quackery, there has been no proof that alternative medicine does any good whatsoever.

  • akashdeepjabandar:

    Very interesting stuff, thanks.

  • rforbes1:

    My videos deal with type 2 diabetes and the posterior pituitary gland. I will soon have a video discussing type1 and type 2. Sometimes if an overactive anterior pituitary gland is treated, insulin dosages can be lowered. Most type 1 diabetics have an overactive anterior pituitary gland.

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